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Custom Software Development

We create complex software solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

Bespoke Coding & Desktop Solutions

Sometimes your business needs will extend beyond typical web application and mobile app development. This is where our specialist skills in custom software development come in. This type of bespoke work includes the development of desktop software and the integration or expansion of your existing software and programs. Custom software development also allows us to fill in the gaps and ensure your business is running at its full potential, without bottlenecks or performance and scalability issues.

Desktop applications can provide significant advantages in resource heavy or security sensitive situations. We can create these types of applications tailored specifically to the needs of your business and your problems. This work will often be done alongside a web or mobile application build. We find that most businesses will be using some sort of internal software or 3rd-party platforms that we will need to accommodate for in the solution that we tailor for you.

Scopes of work that we usually categorise as custom software development include:

  • Developing installable desktop applications
  • Integrating with existing software (such as: CRM, CMS, internal applications)
  • Extending & enhancing existing software
  • Configuring or improving hosting
  • Bug fixing and performance optimisation

Need help with something not on this list? Get in touch and let us know the details, we will either be able to help or will let you know who you need to speak to.

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