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Viewport Tech

Based in Perth, Western Australia - Viewport Tech is a web development and consulting business that specialises in bespoke projects. We cater for both national and international clients. By leveraging our diverse pool of both in-house and freelance developers, we ensure that your project is built properly from the get go, and all at a reasonable price.

Director - Daniel Boterhoven


Daniel Boterhoven has been developing web, mobile and desktop applications for over a decade, in industries ranging from mining, media, construction to startups. Now Director and Lead Developer, Daniel oversees every project from start to finish.

Our Process



Who are you and what is it you do? Before we type out a single line of code, this is one question we here at Viewport Tech feel it's tantamount to thoroughly answer. We feel that nothing beats true-blue face-to-face interaction: 80% of communication is nonverbal after all.

It's only after we've had a genuine heart-to-heart that we'll start dotting the proverbial I's and crossing the figurative T's, hewing the meticulous wireframe mockups and detailed data models that will later represent the broad strokes of the design philosophy we'll apply in creating your application.

You're with us every step of the way: we'll be passing ideas back and forth through concise email correspondence, pleasant telephone banter, and the occasional face-to-face meetup. Together, we'll be shaving away and adding to the plan as necessary until you're absolutely content with these preliminary results.

After all's said and done, we'll take the fruits of our joint labor and formulate the master plan that will bring your digital project to life: a fine-tuned development and release schedule that factors in everything you're about as a business.



With the firm foundations of the Planning phase in place, we can then proceed boldly and confidently into the nuts and bolts of realising your digital vision: deftly executing the design and development tasks needed to bring your project to life.

This is the part where most other development boutiques fall off the face of the Earth, worryingly losing touch with you: The Client. Not Viewport Tech though, we're all about deft and transparent communication, keeping you in the loop with updates several times a week regarding the status of your project, demoing and making on-the-fly modifications to your liking as you deem necessary.

It's only after you're completely satisfied with the outcome, after you've explored every nook, cranny, and crevice in a 1-to-1 live mockup of the real thing that we hand off the metaphorical keys and make your project live.



This is the part where lots of fledgling development projects fall flat on their face. Not for a lack of vision or polished execution, but because they make things too big, too fast. We at Viewport Tech know that you have to walk before you can run, which is why we start things off slowly with a soft-launch to a select number of handpicked users that thoroughly represent your target demographic.

It's here that we "iron-out" any lingering wrinkles, resolving any bugs and making minor release revisions, and basically polishing your project to the state of mirror-brilliance that means its ready for a mainstream roll-out.

Even after things go live for real, we're ever the watchful sentinel, putting all sorts of fail-safes for error handling, and metric measurement in place to provide you with a cornucopia of useful data that helps you to grow and hone your operation while simultaneously safeguarding this precious data.



Here at Viewport Tech, we believe in a philosophy of continuous improvement. It's not enough to do great work, because the competition is always striving to out-do you, which is why post-delivery, we're all about keeping you on top of your game with ongoing enhancements.

From here on, where you lead, we'll faithfully follow: integrating any new features in incremental app releases while providing helpful suggestions as to the prioritization of app features based on user data. New features are added on an as-need basis ensuring your clients are perpetually content.

The outcome is an ironclad relationship between business (you), client (your audience), and developer (us) that transcends the traditional limits of such a conventional business relationship to represent an authentic manifestation of your goals as a business in cyberspace.