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We've already discussed the different types of Minimum Viable Products and the stepsrequired to build a Minimum Viable Product from a development standpoint in previous posts. Now it's time to reinforce a few key points that can ensure that your MVP is able to serve its intended purpose and be an effective part of your product development strategy. Minimum Viable Products: A Quick Summary There always seems to be some...

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In our last article we discussed the different ways you can go about marketing your product in order to get it into the hands of an initial set of customers. This is definitely an ongoing process, and in order to fine-tune your marketing strategy you will need to break down the data you've collected so far, in order to determine where to focus your efforts further. Data analysis...

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Progressive Web Apps or PWA takes advantage of new web technologies enabled in modern web browsers to provide users with an experience that's indistinguishable from using a native app. With PWAs, a user can simply click a link from a search engine result and immediately access all of a product's features and content that is normally only available through a native app. There is no more...

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