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As per a recent study by Constellation Research, investment by the corporate sector in Artificial Intelligence is expected to have tripled in 2017 and is predicted to reach $100 billion by 2025. This alone is enough to highlight the increasingly integral role played by machine learning in today's businesses. This is perhaps why 30% of the participants in a recent survey concluded that AI and machine learning will...

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Mobile app usage is increasing day by day. This is the reason why big brands like Ikea and Amazon have already launched on multiple mobile platforms internationally. However, if you think that mobile apps are meant only for big names, think again! Yes, mobile apps are of course useful for big brands, but they are all the more necessary for small and medium sized businesses because...

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So, you have finally made up your mind to establish your business online and want a kickass website or web application. This next step is to find a talented and professional web developer that you can trust to build what you're looking for. The good and bad news is that once you start looking for web developers, you will find them virtually everywhere. This makes the...

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We're often asked how much it costs to develop apps, and as much as we'd love to give a definitive answer, it's just not that easy! Web and mobile app development can be a complex process and unless it's a simple WordPress website, it's most likely going to involve some custom coding and a bit of design work. In an effort to help give an...

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Chatbots are the new tech making waves in modern business! From revolutionising the data centers to playing an integral role in FinTech sector, chatbots are creating new opportunities in many areas of business. Chatbots are not completely new, they have been with us for almost a decade now, but it is only lately that organizations have started exploiting the usefulness of chatbots from a business point...

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