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Over the course of any application development project, a broad range of problems are encountered and overcome. From the initial ideation phase, all the way through to the support and enhancement phases, challenges and obstacles must be tackled as intelligently and efficiently as possible. Like any other type of project, it has become necessary to establish and document processes and guidelines to best deliver web or...

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Our online ecosystem of websites, web applications and mobile apps is thriving. And with the unprecedented growths comes the increased need for cooperation and connectivity. The most common and well-known mechanism for facilitating this inter-connectivity is what is called a Web API. You may have heard the word acronym "API" before, particularly if you're involved in technology in your profession. So, what is an API? and how...

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Web technology is evolving at an exponentially fast rate, and if you're a non-technical founder then it's understandable that you're not completely over the inner workings of your startups technology stack. However, your life and that of your team will be made significantly easier if you know a few of the fundamentals of web technology. So today, we're going to touch on some of the basic components...

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Few business owners would argue with the idea that process automation is a key factor in driving growth and sustainability in a business. Automation of repetitive tasks that require little or no human intervention can decrease ongoing business costs significantly. So realistically, a business owner should be striving to automate as much of their business as possible, while still ensuring that human intervention is present where...

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